Westchester County families and children are all coping with the impact of the coronavirus, or COVID-19. The Westchester County Department of Community Mental Health (DCMH) is encouraging all residents who need assistance to contact them at the support lines listed below.

For the Westchester County Emotional Wellness Information, Support and Referral line, call (914) 995-1900 or send a text to (914) 461-7281.

The DCMH Wellness Information, Support and Referral line has been successful offering assistance related to anxiety, stress, de-escalating parent/child conflict, issues relating to drug or alcohol dependence, child and adolescent issues, self-injurious behaviors and more. They have also connected callers to resources, tip-sheets and other helpful resources of support, including a network of local clinicians volunteering their time to provide counseling services.    

In addition, DCMH staff members have been assigned to work in tandem with Westchester County’s local police departments, to collaborate on any mental health situations, as needed.

Westchester County’s community-based mental health agencies are all fully operational and happy to help.  A full list of resources are available at the Department of Community Mental Health’s Online Directory of Community Agencies and Program.

School districts and local libraries are working in close partnership with their communities to provide educational and wellness resources for children and their families. Be sure to check your local school district website or connect with your local library.

For questions or assistance, contact Michael Orth, Commissioner of the Westchester County Department of Community Mental Health by calling (914) 995-5225 or sending an e-mail to .