Office of 
Temporary Financial Services


Office of Temporary Financial Services (OTFS) Programs:
Alien Eligibility

Qualified Alien
Specially Qualified Alien
Referral Requirement
Reporting Requirement

Documentation Requirement
FS Implication
MA Implications

Emergency Assistance:
to Adults (EAA)
to Families (EAF)

Family Assistance:
Eligibility Process

Food Stamps:
Application Process
Ongoing Eligibility

Guide Dog Assistance

Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP):
Regular Benefits
Emergency Benefits
Weatherization Program
Where to apply

Safety Net Assistance:
Eligibility Requirements
Emergency SNA

Other Programs:
Bureau of Case Review
Fair Hearings

Transitional Opportunities Program (TOP)

OTFS Fact Sheet

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The Westchester County Department of Social Services offers a wide range of help for individuals and families of low income, and for families under severe financial pressure from catastrophic illness or family breakup.

The aim of the department is to keep families together, where possible, within the community, to help the family survive as a unit, and to reduce its dependency on outside help.

What are Temporary Financial Services?

The Office of Temporary Financial Services administers programs which provide services to individuals and families in need. These programs are designed to alleviate hardship and promote family health, personal responsibility, and economic independence.

The Westchester County Office of Temporary Financial Services is committed to:

  • Work in partnership with our community to successfully implement Welfare Reform.
  • Removing barriers that hinder customers from becoming self-sufficient, then assisting them with their search for employment.
  • Alleviate hardship by delivering temporary financial assistance to needy families and individuals in a manner which respects the dignity of each person.
  • Provide customized services and employment programs which promote personal responsibility, independence, and economic self-sufficiency.
  • Focus on maximum positive outcomes, quality service, innovation and leadership.

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