In Memoriam

Officers Who Died In the Line Of Duty

Westchester County Sherriff's Department (1683-1979)
Westchester County Parkway Police (1926-1979)
Westchester County Department Of Public Safety (1979-Present)


Lest We Forget

Deputy Sheriff Isaac Smith


Deputy Sheriff Isaac Smith- died on 05/17/1792 after being shot while attempting the arrest of John Ryer at West Farms, Bronx, NY (at the time this area was part of Westchester County).  Smith was investigating a disturbance at Huntís Inn, a tavern near what is now West Farms Road and 167th Street in the Bronx.  The area was part of Westchester until it was annexed by the city in 1874.  Smith was felled by a single shot fired from one of two flintlock pistols wielded by John Ryer, who was hanged for the killing of Smith one year later.  DS Smith is officially recognized as being the nationís first lawman killed in the line of duty.