Inorganic Chemistry

Alan Baisley, MS
Senior Environmental Chemist

Telephone: (914) 231-1657
Fax:             (914) 231-1772

Services Available: Classical wet chemistry analyses including nutrients (Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate and Phosphates), minerals (Calcium and Magnesium hardness, Chloride, Fluoride and Sulfate), Detergents, Cyanide, Phenol, biochemical and chemical oxygen demand. Metal analysis by atomic absorption and inductively coupled plasma including heavy metals. Ion chromatography for the identification of anions, cations and disinfection by-products. Air pollutants for particulates and metal contamination.

Types of samples accepted for analysis:

  • Drinking water (well & public supply)
  • Raw water (lakes, streams, ponds, rivers)
  • Estuarines
  • Wastewater (influent & effluent)
  • Soils & Solids
  • Hazardous waste
  • Paint (metals)
  • Dust (metals)
  • Air (metals)
  • Biologicals
  • Foods