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Pre-History to 1783:
Colonial Westchester and the Revolution

Miller House in North White Plains, New York

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The Daughters of the American Revolution state that another Washington's headquarters during the Revolution was the Elijah Miller house on Virginia Road, North White Plains. Built in 1738 with an addition in 1770, this is a typical Rhode Island-style farmhouse. Elijah Miller had fought in the French and Indian War in 1757, where he is said to have become acquainted with Washington. He was adjutant in the Continental Army when he died in the summer of 1776. His widow and children remained in the house, which Washington is said to have used as a headquarters in October 1776 and again in 1778.

Mrs. Miller nursed sick and wounded solders in her home during the war. She also welcomed the organizers of the first Methodist church in White Plains. Francis Asbury preached in the Miller house on his travels throughout Westchester.

The Miller house has been restored by the Washington's Headquarters Chapter of the Daughters of the American revolution in White Plains. It is open to the public as a museum.