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We are the Department of Finance responsible for the accounts payable, purchasing, employee payroll, debt management, pension administration, revenue investment, tax collection, certiorari tax judgment processing, and employee benefit functions of the Westchester County government. Most of what we do is performed using modern client-server on-line financial systems.
Westchester County is AAA rated by all three bond rating agencies.

Our main office is located in White Plains, New York.

Accounting:  The real-time AMS Advantage Financial System we use allows the accurate review of all on-line expense and revenue transactions that are initiated by Westchester County departments. After our review, the final approval of all payment and revenue transaction documents is processed.  The efficiencies produced by the on-line system, the financial staff of all County  departments, and our capable workers allow our citizen taxpayers to realize every payment discount offered by our vendors and suppliers. 

Our fully integrated AMS Advantage Purchasing system allows all County departments to create authorized on-line purchase requisitions.  Per County law, bidding for the best competitive pricing is required for outside purchases.  After bidding, our Bureau of Purchase and Supplies division establishes master agreements for numerous popular items. All County departments use the master  agreements to create on-line vendor-ready purchase orders. This expedites the delivery of supplies and lowers the processing cost. Online payment for deliveries of orders is initiated by the ordering department and approved by the Finance Department.

Payroll:   The Finance and Human Resource departments administer the on-line AMS Advantage HR system to maintain an FLSA compliant employee payroll and position control system for all County employees. All County departments have on-line access and use the system for payroll maintenance.


Our Municipal Profiles
From our County Planning Department: Information regarding population, income, education, housing types, and land use by Westchester County locality.


Westchester County New York 

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Westchester Economic Data from our Planning Dept:

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Saxon Woods Park Pool:

Fun at Saxon Woods pool. Click here to see the Parks Dept. web.  County pools have lap lanes for serious swimmers also.  Saxon Woods Pool has lanes approx. 44 yards long - Jump right in !


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Social Services:

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Tax Commission:

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Planning Department:

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 Historic Playland Park:

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Fire Training Center:

Firefighters training for any possibility.  Clicking here opens a new window to the Department of Emergency Services web page.



Ann Marie Berg
Commissioner of Finance

Sergio Sensi
Deputy Commissioner of Finance

Dennis Kelly
Deputy Commissioner of Finance

Westchester County Department of Finance
148 Martine Ave.   Suite 720
White Plains, NY 10601


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