2006 Westchester County Film Festival 








IN THE SHADOW OF THE VAMPIRE: A TRANSYLVANIAN ODYSSEY: A documentary road trip through the Transylvanian countryside exploring the fascinating history of the region that spawned the Dracula legend.
SOUND OF THE SEASHELL: A high school senior ditches the artifice of a post-prom bash to covertly record and document the psychological impact of a young consumer consciousness.
UNEXPECTEDLY TELEVISION: (Iran) An Iranian woman turns a camera on her life to discover who she really is.

LIBERA: (Canada) A man’s obsession with his deceased mother’s memory haunts his view of his own life.

APARTMENT 206: Two fatal victims of a traffic accident wake up in an ominous apartment where their only contact with the living world is through a television that broadcasts the one thing they cherish on earth.
SONGS & STORIES: An up- lifting documentary tribute to the life and times of Irish rock pioneer Rory Gallagher who paved the way for artists like U2 and The Boomtown Rats, pulling Ireland out of the music doldrums and cementing his legacy in the R & B pantheon.
DIVINE LIGHT: A FRANK MASON PERSPECTIVE: Above Cafι Roma in Little Italy, New York is the home and studio of noted Art Student’s League master teacher Frank Mason. The film follows Mason from his studio and class to the 11th Century Venetian Church where he revisits his greatest artistic achievement.
THE DRUGGING OF OUR CHILDREN: This investigative documentary examines the increasingly common practice of prescribing psychotropic drugs for children that often results in severe side effects and even fatal adverse reactions.
FETCHING CODY: This drama set in Vancouver’s notorious downtown East Side shows how young lives are destroyed in the wake of drug abuse.
….AT LAST: One of the last features filmed entirely on location in New Orleans, this is the story of the struggle for true love with its roots in the innocence of childhood. Pre-Katrina New Orleans is one of the stars of this movie.
DARFUR DIARIES: A documentary of the tragedy in Darfur, Africa discussed by the villagers who live in the constant shadow of violence.
8mm: A poignant student documentary that encompasses larger questions; a drive through the past enlightens the future.
ALL IN ONE BASKET: An informative student documentary that explores the emotional and physical risks of human egg donations. The film explores the topic through the women who have donated their eggs and their reasons for doing so.
BORN INTO BROTHELS: 2005 ACADEMY AWARD WINNER for BEST DOCUMENTARY. This film follows the lives and promise of young children born into the brothels of Calcutta after they are given cameras to document their lives. The children then begin to take control of the grim reality of their lives and start to imagine a promise for the future.
TRIVIATOWN: An entertaining documentary about the fact that for the past 35 years thousands of Americans each April descend into a small U.S. town for one thing: THE WORLD’S BIGGEST TRIVIA CONTEST.
NINE BY FIVE: An uplifting documentary group portrait of artists: their creativity and desire to survive in a demanding New York City environment.
DAMON: An inner-city supernatural murder mystery.
BROOKLYN LOBSTER: Jane Curtin and Danny Aiello star in this true story drama about a family lobster business and their valiant efforts to save it from going under. Shot entirely in Sheepshead Bay.
THE ASSASSINATION OF RICHARD NIXON: A Niels Mueller film starring Sean Penn, Don Cheadle and Naomi Watts set at the height of the Watergate scandal of 1974 and based on the true story of Samuel Bick, played by Sean Penn. This is the tale of a hard- working husband and father whose only goal in life is to live his vision of the ever-increasing elusive American dream. Nixon represents everything that stands in his way of achieving success.


SAVING SOPHIE: Comedy about four aunts, two dead bodies, three affairs and family secrets that won’t stay secret.
STONE READER: A documentary, which traces a filmmaker's efforts to meet and talk with an author of a book long out of print. The author has vanished without a trace and the filmmaker seeks to find out why.
TALK TO ME: This documentary provides a forum for five brave teenagers as they tell their stories about being victims of sexual abuse and violence. The film opens discussions about this problem that often stays hidden out of shame and fear.
MAGIC’S: (Israel) In a time when Israel and Palestine bring images of terror and strife, one man brings joy and hope to children and families caught in the crossfire in this positive and uplifting film.
JESUS, MARY AND JOEY: A faith-based feature about a 20- something, aimless, young man who still lives at home with his colorful Italian American family in Rhode Island. An all-star cast includes Olympia Dukakis, Stacy Keach, Melissa Joan Hart and Charles Durning.
 I LOVE YOUR WORK: This thriller with Giovanni Ribisi, Christina Ricci, Vince Vaughn, Elvis Costello and Franka Potente is a stylish meditation on the many facets of the culture of celebrity. Sometimes somber, sometimes sly and self parodying, and always surreal, the film chronicles the disintegration of Gray Evans, a movie star losing his grip on reality.
BACKSEAT: This feature directed by Bruce Van Dusen is an immensely entertaining “coming of age late” story about prolonged adolescence. “Back Seat” follows two Gen Xer’s as they flee New York City on a three-day road trip to Montrιal. The result: they run head on into real life. 


 The views and opinions expressed in the motion pictures to be screened at this festival are strictly those of the filmmakers, and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the County of Westchester, it’s elected officials, officers, employees or agents.  The County accepts no liability or responsibility for content.