Training Tower

  The Training Tower is a 7 story apartment building designed to train firefighters for operations in high rise buildings.  A fire escape rises to the roof, with a 4 story exterior stairway as another feature of the building.  The interior stairway is open tread galvanized steel which allows for quick water drainage, better sunlight penetration, and vision from one floor to the next.  A complete and working standpipe system is on every floor, along with a dumbwaiter shaft in the center of the building. The Fourth floor apartment is a “live burn module.”  The windows are operable but covered with steel allowing for a smoke and heat condition to quickly develop.  High rise hose operations, ground ladders, aerial ladder operations, and search and rescue are just a few of the many types of fire and rescue scenarios that are taught and practiced in the tower.  A safety net is located on the north side of the building as a safety backup for firefighters repelling from the windows or roof.