Railroad Tank Car

The Railroad Tanker Car is a 13,500 gallon tanker car mounted on rail tracks.  This is a propane fired prop that has 6 separate burners which can be ignited one at a time, in sequence, or all at once.  A running fire that ignites away from the tank and then goes under the tank, a simulated spill at the tank that finds a remote source of ignition, a major fire with impinging flames on the tank, and a pressure relief blow off, are a few of the simulations that can be produced by this prop.  The very large flames and radiated heat produces a training scenario that firefighters will not soon forget.  Since the basic tactics for fighting tanker fires are the same be it a rail car, highway tanker, or fixed in place, this training prop has many uses and is the most spectacular to see when fully operating.  The training scenarios require teamwork, coordination, large volumes of water, and multiple hose teams.