Peekskill Sanitary Sewer District (601610)

Treatment Process: The Peekskill Wastewater Treatment Plant is a 10 million gallon per day facility. Currently it has a wastewater flow of 7 million gallons per day, serving a population of 32,500. The plant provides secondary treatment, as mandated by Federal Law, with wastewater effluent discharged into the Hudson River. The sludge solids removed from the raw wastewater are digested and trucked to Ossining for processing.

Plant wastewater processes include: screening, degriting, primary sedimentation, aeration, final sedimentation and chlorination. Sludge facilities include: combined gravity thickening, two stage anaerobic digestion, dewatering by centrifugation and drying beds. Digester gas utilization is accomplished via three dual-fuel boilers.

This treatment plant no longer requires around the clock staffing to assure prompt and appropriate response to any emergency situation. The completion of the first phase of the automation project provided installation of dorms and monitoring devices which are connected to the Ossining Wastewater Treatment Plant for remote monitoring or essential plant functions.

County Trunk Sewers: 13 Miles
Siting Acres: 35.6 Acres
Municipalities Served: City of Peekskill, Town of Cortlandt, Shrub Oak, Lake Mohegan, Town of Yorktown
Tributary Population Served: 32,500
District Pumping Station: Shrub Oak/Mill St., Water Street, Highland Avenue

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